Frank’s Story

When we first moved Frank Gable into permanent housing, he literally had nothing on him- just the clothes on his back. Frank, a 73-year-old disabled gentleman, had been staying at our Armory Emergency Shelters after a referral from Carrie De Laurie from St. Jude Hospital.

Frank had been suffering from homeless for the last 10 years.
A few years earlier, he had been living on a boat that he was working on. Unfortunately, the boat was destroyed after an unexpected incident-leaving Frank with nothing. Suffering from memory loss, disabilities, and a lack of a support system, Frank had nowhere to turn. Thankfully, Mercy House was able to provide Frank with the services he needed.
After moving Frank into permanent housing, Mercy House was able to provide Frank with household essentials to help make his new place a home. Thrilled to be sleeping in his apartment, Frank could not believe that he would actually have a bed of his own. Frank explains, “I don’t remember the last time I had something this nice. I look forward to showering and actually resting for once”.
Today, Frank enjoys having a home of his own, and loves to be able to decorate his apartment. The Mercy House team was so grateful to serve someone like Frank, and continues to provide him support through monthly case management meetings. We look forward to continue serving Frank and many more clients in need of housing.