Jody’s Story

For a single mother, nothing could be more frightening than learning that you and your family will soon have no place to call home. When Jody, a single mother of nine, received this news, she reached out to Mercy House for rental assistance.

Jody had been living in a small apartment with her mother, Jane, who had been holding a steady job for the past four years to help support Jody and her children. When Jody was hospitalized for pregnancy complications, however, Jane was forced to go on unpaid family leave. During this time, Jody and her family were receiving cash aid and food stamps to help make the ends meet along with rental assistance, utility assistance, food and diapers from Mercy House.
Despite the assistance they received, Jody and Jane’s apartment quality began to steadily decline as mold, rats, mice, and roaches began to infest their living space. Mercy House staff recognized the desperate situation that Jody and Jane found themselves in, and were thrilled when they discovered they could offer them a Section 8 Voucher to place them into permanent housing. Jody and Jane could not be more grateful for the assistance and care that Mercy House has offered them over the years. Instead of spending another night fearing they could lose their home, Jody and her family can rest safely, knowing they finally have a place to call home.