Louie’s Story

Three years ago, Louie had a wonderful apartment, nice job, and plenty of money in savings. At 69-years- old, he felt that he had everything he needed, and that his job would continue to be a source of security for himself as he was recently promoted. To his surprise, Louie was called into his boss’s office, and told he was being let go because the company’s insurance policy would no longer cover Louie due to his age. Louie explains, “Words could not express my feelings at that moment. I was in shock. I just got fired for doing a great job.”

Thirty months had passed since Louie was let go, and at 71-years-old, Louie continued to put in job applications two to three times each week for work. Despite his efforts, Louie was unable to land a job. He stated, “All of my interviews went fine, until we got to the age part.” After being unable to work for so long, Louie began to realize that he could no longer afford to stay in his apartment. Knowing he had no other choice, Louie sold most of his belongings, and checked into a local shelter in Arizona where he figured he could save his monthly social security checks to be able to rent a small apartment again one day.

During his stay at the shelter, Louie found a red piece of paper on his bed. To his surprise, this piece of paper explained that he may qualify for a program with an organization called Mercy House, and provided him with the contact information of Mercy House Arizona staff members, Joe and Lavelle. Louie explains, “To my surprise, these two guys were only half my age, but right from the start, I could sense they were so very much different. They both had a warm, caring, soft style about them.”

Once Mercy House staff members, Joe and Lavelle, completed the intake for Louie, they could not be more excited to let him know that he qualified for Mercy House’s Permanent Housing Program! Louie states, “Three months have now passed, and here I am-sitting on the patio of my new apartment, writing this story, and thinking how lucky I am to have met Joe and Lavelle; yes, how very, very lucky. Thank you, Joe and Lavelle, for being passionate, kind, and caring. Sincerely, ┬áLouie.”