OC Armory Emergency Shelters

The Orange County Cold Weather Armory Emergency Shelter program provides shelter and services for the homeless at the National Guard Armories in Fullerton and Santa Ana. The homeless will receive a nutritious meal, a warm shower, and a safe place to sleep. Volunteers will pass out donations of warm clothing and Service Providers from Orange County will be on site to provide needed services.

For information on Volunteer Opportunities click here.

General Information

Armory Locations:

Santa Ana Armory – located at 612 East Warner (Warner / Main) is serving Families with Minor Children Only

Fullerton Armory – located at 400 South Brookhurst (Brookhurst / Valencia) is serving Adult Clients Only

Bus Pick Up Locations:

(There will be pick-up at these sites on dark nights)

Fullerton Pick Up Locations: 6:00pm

1 – On North La Palma Park Way near Parry (Near La Palma Park Check In Center) 

Santa Ana

There are currently no pick-ups from the Santa Ana Armory

Dark Nights and Alternative Sites:

The National Guard Armories are not available for use a few nights per month. On these “dark nights,” clients will be sheltered at alternate sites.

For more information, please contact:

Armory Emergency Shelter Info. (714)836-7188 ext. 131

Austin Drissen, Armory Program Manager, at (714)836-7188 ext. 105 or austind@mercyhouse.net

Valerie Carter, Family Redirection Program Manager,  at (714)836-7188 ext. 105 or valeriec@mercyhouse.net

If you would like to donate items to the individuals and families who come to the armories, please click here for our Armory Wish List.


Or, purchase items online through Dollar Days at www.dollardays.com/mharmory/wishlist.html

DollarDays is an online wholesale distributor that allows you to donate to the Armory Emergency Shelter by directly purchasing items that are on our wish list, at bulk and wholesale prices.


We have chosen items we are in need of, and you can simply purchase them online, and they are sent directly to our shelters.