Richard’s Story

For over seven months, 61-year-old Richard experienced what it was like to live on the streets. With no job and no support system, Richard’s life soon spiraled out of control-leaving him homeless, desperate, and struggling with drug addiction. With no family contacts to turn to, Richard was unsure how he would ever get back on his feet to hold a job, pay off his debt, or become self-sufficient again-until he found Mercy House.

Richard was given the phone number to apply for our programs, and was accepted into Joseph House- our Interim Housing for homeless, single men. During his stay at Joseph House, Richard found the resources he needed to turn his life around. Once in the program, Richard was provided with weekly case management appointments where he worked on resume building, job search techniques, financial responsibility, and personal accountability. In coordination with various agencies and community resources, Mercy House was also able to provide Richard with vocational rehab, job leads, and clothing for job interviews.

 After spending eight months at Joseph House, Richard had landed a job, paid off his debt, began a savings account, and continued to attend AA meetings, along with church and life skills meetings weekly. Moreover, we worked with Richard to receive a Section 8 housing voucher through the Santa Ana Housing Authority which will allow Richard to pay a portion of his total income towards an apartment rental for life. Today, Richard is happily employed full- time as a custodian for an animal hospital. He also moved into a one bedroom apartment in September, and has been permanently housed for three months.