Sarah’s Story

Sarah, a single mother of three, first experienced homelessness last year.  She was pregnant with her third child and coming to the end of her third trimester. It became difficult for Sarah to work full time and had to scale back her hours at work; this limited her budget that was already tight. Sarah knew her emergency fund would only last so long and had nowhere to turn for financial support.

Sarah was overjoyed when she gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl in late September, but reality hit when their emergency fund ran out a few months later and Sarah and her three children found themselves homeless with nowhere to turn.

Desperately looking for help in every direction, Sarah reached out to Mercy House for help.

Within a few short days, Sarah and her family moved into Regina House, Mercy House’s transitional shelter for single mothers and their children.  Sarah was ready to get back on her feet, back to work, and back into an apartment. Within three weeks of moving into Regina House, had found a job and the means to support herself and her family.  On February 1st, Sarah and her three children escaped homelessness and moved into their own apartment thanks to Orange County United Way’s FACE 2024 Initiative and our Rapid Rehousing Program.  Today, Sarah and her children remain stably housed, fully supporting their own permanent housing.