Trinie’s Story

In 2004 Trinie was living in Aliso Viejo and working full time at a gas station, supporting his family who lived over 9,000 miles away in Sri Lanka. When he was unexpectedly no longer able to stay in his home, he had nowhere to turn.  A friend from his church told him about Mercy House’s transitional shelter, Joseph House, for homeless, single men.

Within a few short days Trinie moved into Joseph House and immediately excelled in the program. While experiencing homelessness and moving into Joseph House, Trinie remained employed full time and never missed a day of work. Not only was Trinie diligent in his job but he was also diligent with his requirements at Joseph House, never missing a life skills class or case management meeting.

“During the life skills classes, I learned how to live better in society. At Joseph House I also learned about love. I learned how to love myself and how to love those around me.” Trinie explained.

As Trinie continued to excel at Joseph House he was given an opportunity to move into one of Mercy House’s permanent housing programs, San Miguel Residence. The day Trinie moved into his new home he was greeted with brand new kitchen items including pots and pans, a gift from his case manager, Pete. Not only did Mercy House staff assist Trinie in his transition they also helped his family come to the United States and join him at San Miguel Residence.

“Pete, Linda, Larry, and Father Jerome helped my family and I come back together. They went above and beyond what they had to do.” said Trinie.

Today Trinie and his family have joined the Mercy House staff family as the Residential Coordinators of our Emmanuel Residence.  His experience at Joseph House has helped him better serve the men and women living in our Emmanuel Residence.  He continues to be overwhelmed by the support and care that Mercy House has given his family.

“They have inspired me, believed in me, encouraged me, supported me, and cheered me on.  The guidance and support that Mercy House provided was instrumental in making a difference in my life. Today and every day, I am thankful.”