Adopt – A –Family/Resident 


  • Help welcome a resident/family into our Transitional Shelter with a move in basket.
  • Create a laundry basket filled with sheets, pillows, cleaning supplies, and household items

Adopt – A – Graduating Family/Resident

  • Mercy House would like to start recognizing the accomplishments of its residents once they have graduated from the program by providing them with a parting gift through donations from the community.
  • Collect and put together a parting gift ranging from $25-50. Gifts idea: gift basket with cleaning supplies, laundry basket with laundry supplies, gift certificates to grocery stores, decorative items for their new homes, etc.


Life Skills Educators

  • Mercy House is looking for Life Skills Facilitators to provide clients with skills that can enrich their lives. For example, a person with knowledge or expertise on nutrition and health, financial planning, resume building, job searching, networking, scrapbooking, etc. can share tips/strategies with our clients.
  • Life Skills classes take place on Monday and Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:00PM in the living room of our shelters.
  • Volunteers are responsible for creating a curriculum and teach class one- for times a month. Classes can include handouts, small group discussions, video presentations, guest speakers, powerpoint presentations, etc.
  • We are currently in need of:
    • -CPR
    • -Self defense  100_0041
    • -Nutrition
    • -Setting boundaries (Parenting)
    • –Stress management
    • Conflict resolution
    • -Credit repair
    • -Healthy living
    • -Budgeting
    • -Emotional Management (Coping Skills)
    • -Grocery Shopping
    • -Cooking
    • -Resume Writing
    • -Job Searching
    • -Relationship Disclosure (of HIV status)
    • -Going back to school after years on not being a student

Play hour Attendant

  • The Regina House program is looking for Play Hour Attendants to enhance children’s natural creativity and curiosity and work to enhance their social development.
  • Volunteers are needed to play with children whose ages range from newborns through 10 years old and to make sure they are safe while their mother’s attend life skills classes. The mothers are on the premises in case of an emergency.
  • Play Hour takes place on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:45-8:15pm.
  • Live Scan must be completed


Wakeland Property Tutoring Attendant 100_0145

  • The program staff at our Wakeland Property Facilities is looking for individuals specializing in tutoring children or adults.
  • Volunteers are needed Monday-Thursday from 2:00-5:00, however, the volunteer may choose a day(s) that works best for their schedule.
  • Live Scan must be completed.


Armory Emergency Shelter Volunteer

Opportunity begins Monday, October 31, 2017!

Shift Times: AM – 5am-7am & PM – 5:30pm-8:30pm. Must sign up online ahead of time!

CLICK HERE for more details!