During this national crisis, it is important to remember those who are experiencing homelessness. Many individuals who are experiencing homelessness are more at-risk during this pandemic. 

Over the past few days, we have seen a sharp decrease in the number of volunteers and food donations coming in to support our emergency shelters. This means that those who call Mercy House home are not only at risk for the virus but also at risk for not having enough food to get through this national crisis.

But you can help. You can donate to support COVID Relief at Mercy House. Even a small donation will help offset the costs associated with this pandemic and help those who call Mercy House home safe and fed.

Helping those who are experiencing Homelessness in the midst of COVID-19


$15 will help purchase 2 large bottles of hand sanitizer which will allow us to provide clients with the ability to limit the spread of germs.
$75 will offset the cost of a meal at our emergency family shelter. With the impact of COVID-19 we have seen a steep decline in volunteer meals coming to our shelters.
$250 will help offset the costs for folks who will need taxi rides for medical appointments. During this time public transportation may be affected, and for our folks who are immunocompromised, we want to ensure that they have access to safe travel when they need it.
$1,000 will help keep the lights on and the staff support for our on-site medical clinic. One of our shelters has a medical clinic and we are bracing to see an increased usage at the clinic and need support to ensure that we can continue to operate as we deal with more of our clients exhibiting flu-like symptoms.


We are also in need of physical donation items for our emergency shelters. If you are able to donate these physical items, please reach out to our Community Engagement Manger, Jacob Mize, to set up a pick-up or drop off time.
Hand Sanitizer⁠
Disinfectant Wipes⁠
Latex Gloves⁠
Non Perishable Food Items⁠
Hand Soap
Face Masks
Sanitary Gowns

Questions? Contact Us.

Jacob Mize, Community Engagement Manager